Citroën Traction Avant - Composites

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  1. Olá, Dan. O teu trabalho é excelente, sem dúvida.
    Agora, muita gente não gosta desse carro. Eu, todavia, gosto muito. Acho-o lindo e memorável.

  2. Olá Dan, como vai você?
    I want to get in that Citroen and drive to my private lighthouse at Gatteville just like in the movie "Diva". Italian Flaminio Bertoni designed/styled the car that was built from 1934 until 1957! A classic piece of Industrial Design that lasted so long that I'm guessing people got sick of it.
    What a fantastic render!
    Your work just keeps getting better all the time.

  3. Obrigado Hebert!

    Thanks Francky!

    Thanks Mark, if you like this car i guess you will enjoy my next project. Will post shortly.