May 16, 1958

Dois renders em perspectiva encomendados por Mrs. Dora Green para wallpaper de tela. Mrs. Green casou-se nesta data, e seu marido tinha um Dodge 56 Custom Royal nestas mesmas cores.
Two 3/4 views of the 56 Dodge Custom Royal in Jewel Black/Garnet/Chinese Rose that were requested by Mrs. Dora Green to decorate her computer screen. She and her husband were married this very day, and drove off to their honeymoon in his car painted in this colorful tri-tone option. She was kind enough to send a photograph.
Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Green.

3 comentários:

  1. Tancredo Cortizo16 de maio de 2013 18:07

    Dan, seu trabalho é fenomenal. Estou estudando para cursar desenho industrial e sempre me inspira olhar seus modelos. Qual software você usa? Existe algum livro didático do mesmo, que você possa recomendar? Desde já, agradeço.

    Tancredo Cortizo

  2. Hi Dan, I am totally amazed at your work. I looked for so long on the internet for this 56 Dodge in the right color. If not for you I would still be looking and I doubt I would have ever found it. It looks so fantastic on my 27" monitor screen. It is perfect and looks so real.
    I wish my husband had lived to see this and how neat it is on my monitor screen. I lost him to Alzheimer's disease a few yeas back. Which makes this mean even more to me. Carl would have gotten as big a kick out of this as I have.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart...Dora Green

  3. Valeu Tancredo, uso 3DSMAX para a modelagem e VRay para os renders.

    Thank you Dora for commenting!