1957 Facel Vega FVS - WIP 1

O Facel Vega FSV de 1957, fabricado na França e equipado com o motor Chrysler Hemi é uma mistura de Rolls Royce com Corvette.
Mais detalhes sobre o carro em http://www.facel-vega.com/
A cross between Rolls Royce and Corvette: French, Chrysler Hemi-powered Facel Vega FSV.
More of the car in http://www.facel-vega.com/

5 comentários:

  1. Looking good Dan :)

    What 3D program are you using?

  2. Nice looking start.. Hope to see some wires too :) Happy modeling..

  3. wow wow wow! the FVS... sure you will make the HK500 after with it!I really like this car and it is in my to do list... in quarter scale...will try to model it as nice as you :)

  4. eightman, the HK500 is very similar to this with minor trim changes so yes i may do a variation.