1958 Chevrolets

Seria assim o modelo 1957 da Chevrolet, seguindo as mesmas proporções dos concorrentes Ford e Plymouth, mas os executivos da GM decidiram reciclar a embalagem de 55/56 –  e criaram um clássico. Para 1959 toda a linha de carros da GM seria unitizada, e o estilo do Chevrolet 58 ficou restrito a um ano apenas.
This should have been the 1957 model year Chevy to keep up with larger Ford and Plymouth. For some reason GM decided to rehash the 2-year old package – thus creating a classic. The 1959 GM car range was already scheduled for unitized retooling so the 58 Chevy style lasted only one year.

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  1. Yay, you did remember about Anniversary Gold/Honey Beige combo :D As for the 3-year-long styling cycles, it was common practice. Take 1949-51 Fords or 1957-1959 Plymouths.